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Tom’s Hardware is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest hardware news and technical know how.

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The website provides articles and forums on the latest graphics, memory, motherboards, cases, phones and other devices. It is very useful advice for people looking to upgrade or build themselves a new computer. Tom’s Hardware provides numerous and detailed articles and guides to help you better evaluate what products you should purchase and spend your money on.

The latest news from around the world on the latest devices is also presented. I encourage anyone who is attempting to learn more about devices to visit Tom’s Hardware.


TechCrunch was founded during June of 2005. It has now grown into a blog dedicated to  profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies as well as existing ones.

TechCrunch has also grown into a large network of other websites and blogs providing information. Arguably the best of these is CrunchBase which is a free database of companies of the technological sense, and the people behind them.

TechCrunch is an important website to read and check regularly for anyone who is involved with devices and the technical industry.

They post very frequently, sometime more than 10 or 15 posts in a single day. They also have a lot of traction with large companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft so that you can learn about the latest devices.

How to Listen to Any Song you Desire

These days it is quite easy to listen to any song your heart desires. In fact, you can even download the song and save it as an MP3 so you can take it with you wherever you go on your MP3 player, burn it to a CD, or put it on a hard drive or USB stick.

There are several popular sites to listen to music for free via a stream. These include , , and Some songs are downloadable via purevolume and myspace, but many will only play via a stream.

Another site that is more powerful, but less known is This site is in Russia, but it does not matter, the songs are listed in English. All you have to do is search for the song or artist you desire at the top of the screen.Wrzuta.plThen you can browse to find the song you desire. Film will be at the top and audio at the bottom.

Once you click on the song, a new window will load. This will allow you to play and stop the song in a stream. However, you are not done yet. You can download this song to your computer in MP3 format.

In order to do so go to the URL in your browser. You will see the word “audio” somewhere in the URL. What you need to do is replace audio with sr/f. Then hit enter.

If this does not work try copying and pasting the new URL into another instance of your browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Or try using a different browser. You may also need to disable the Quicktime Plugin by Tools>Add-ons>Plugins> disable quicktime plugin .

In a similar manner, you can download from YouTube. There are several Firefox plug-ins that allow you to download youtube videos as an MP4. For example and

Then all you have to do is convert the MP4 to an MP3 so that you can put the file on your MP3 player. You can use a free tool such as

Of course you could always just purchase the music from the artist directly or through iTUNES. However, the above methods should allow you to listen to the songs of your choosing without having to spend a lot of money. Of course the legality of this is somewhat questionable, so if you are slightly worried then you could always just stream the songs.

The Purple Store

The Purple Store is your place for all things purple!

The site has things such as purple camouflage shorts, a purple dragonfly pin, a purple t-shirt that says real men wear purple, a purple hat, a purple dress shirt, and even a purple laptop bag.

This store is ideal for those sportsfans who cheer for teams who are colored purple. Perhaps you cheer for the Minnesota Vikings or the Northwestern Wildcats or the Louisiana State University Tigers or the Colorado Rockies or the Arizona Diamond Backs or the Los Angeles Sparks .

The site conveniently allows you to search by categories for the purple woman, the purple man, the purple kid, and others. If you are in need of something in the color purple you are sure to find it.

Real Men Wear Purple

How to Use Multiple Computer Monitors

The average user may only use one (1) computer monitor when they use a computer. These days it is quite easy to use more than 1 monitor and increase your productivity.

Multiple Computer Monitors

In order to use more than one monitor you will need the proper hardware. Many laptops will allow you to attach an additional monitor using a VGA cable. Some laptops will allow you to use an S-video adapter and cable to connect your laptop to your TV. Of course you will need to look at both your laptop and your TV to see if you have an S-video connector. Refer to the Wikipedia article for more information

If you have a desktop computer you will need to look to see what kind of connections you have. The connections are typically VGA, DVI, or HDMI. To see what a VGA is go to To see what a DVI is go to To see what an HDMI is go to If you have an older computer it will most likely have a VGA connection with is usually blue. Some may also have a DVI connection which is usually white.

In order to use multiple monitors you will need more than one (1) of the above connections. You will for example need both a VGA and a DVI connection. Some of these connections are located in your video card, others are on the motherboard of the computer.

You could always purchase another video card to add more than one connection so you can use multiple monitors. However, you will need to determine if your motherboard has support for PCI, PCI-Express, or AGP and then purchase a video card.

In order to use multiple monitors you must make sure you have two or more monitors both connected to the connections on your computer. You must also have the video driver installed. Many monitors have support for only VGA. You may need a DVI to VGA connector in order to connect a VGA monitor to a DVI connector. However, it is important to mention their are different types of DVI connections. I recommend visiting to learn about the different DVI connections and determine which connector you have.

It is possible to achieve more than 2 monitors used as once but this usually requires multiple video cards. Typically you can only use two monitors for each video card you have. Having 3 computer monitors used at once may greatly boost your productivity depending on the work you do and time you spend at your desk.

Northwestern University Gear, Clothing, and Apparel

With the college football season just around the corner, you may want to purchase some Northwestern University sporting goods gear. There are several ways you can do this.

You could attend Let’s Tailgate, Inc. or another store near the Football Field at Northwestern University. To learn more about Let’s Tailgate Inc you will want to visit their website at

You could also purchase your Northwestern gear online through a retailer. For example, you could go to the official Northwestern University Athletics online store at

You will be able to find a lot of gear ranging from hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jerseys, flags, and lots of other gifts and goodies.

Once you purchase your gear you will show your school and team spirit and pride. Of course if you are not a Northwestern University fan you will want to purchase your favorite team’s gear, clothing, and apparel.

Northwestern T-Shirt